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Police Warn About Security Scans

Police Warn Residents Criminals Are Targeting Homes With Alarm Company Signs


In Levelland, Texas, police say crooks knocked on doors posing as alarm technicians to gain entrance into homes.

LEVELLAND, Texas — In a different twist on door-to-door alarm sales scams, police officials here have put out a warning to residents who post home security system signs in their front yards.

According to police, criminals have targeted the homes with the signs, approaching the house saying they are with the alarm company and they need to repair the alarm system or inspect the alarm panel, reports NBC affiliate KCBD-TV.

The criminals’ intention is to gain entrance to a residence and either identify what might be of value inside to return at a later time or attempt to harm homeowners or other people in the house and steal anything of value.

Police said to be vigilant to remain aware of what is going on in the city’s neighborhoods, and be a good neighbor and keep an eye on their house if they leave for an extended period.

“Be cautious and be aware!” police said. “Make sure to report any suspicious activity and be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood.”

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