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Hosted Access Control

with Assured Entry by SG Security

Get the security of electronic access control with the ease of a web browser. Our cloud-based, hosted access control solution helps you to leverage the power of online management to remotely control all of your facilities. Multiple buildings can be networked for controlled access. With encrypted internet communications, you can easily manage access to all your facilities. SG Security offers an access control solution using Internet ready panels to connect all your facilities into a single, unified system. 

Provide a Safe Space for Employees, Visitors and Vendors

Protect people, facilities, networks and assets- a comprehensive access control and identity management solution designed to meet your need. With remote access you can also control doors via a client workstation or smart-phone, making it easy for your entity to lock down in case of an emergency as well as remove or add credentials.

Identify Who is in Your Facility.  Set Day/Time Restrictions.

Know who is in your building and manage their level of access. 
Managing the access of authorized personnel into a facility is a major concern. The primary challenge for many organizations is securing their facility from unwanted personnel while also allowing a free flow of people who have a legitimate purpose to be there.  Gain the ability to set day and time restrictions for employees and vendors. 

Control Access to Secure Areas

We have solutions designed to protect areas in your facility requiring higher security, sensitive data, networks and critical or high value assets. There are many possible applications, including when access to private and confidential data, or expensive products must be carefully monitored, such as: Datacenters, File rooms, Cabinets, Displays, Turnstiles or Freezers.

Stolen/Lost Keys

It’s expensive to re-key each door when keys are stolen, lost or go with former employees. But it’s a security risk if you don’t. With an access control system you can quickly deactivate security credentials or I.D. badges, saving both time and money.

Audit Trail

With an access control system you will have a full report of every opening as well as door hold opens and attempted opening of every area or door. With an audit trail, employee issues such as disputes related to time card can be resolved.

How can Hosted Access Control Help Your Business?


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