How a security System can Help.

A basic monitored alarm system via cellular communication is a great start when it comes to protecting your home or business.  It ensures that any break-ins and burglaries are immediately reported to the local authorities.  Having your system monitored via cell network not only improves reliability of emergency signals (no phone lines to cut), it also enables control over many other devices in your home. 

Connected sensors and devices can generate instant smartphone alerts about important activity at your home, letting you know if something is wrong or suspicious.  With 24-7 professional monitoring, a fire or break-in can be reported to a monitoring station, where a security professional can dispatch first responders to your home. It doesn’t matter whether you see an alert or not, for you to be protected in an emergency. 

The cellular signal that transmits signals to and from your security system gives you the chance to use that same signal to monitor & control several different kinds of devices in your home, including:

  • Flood Sensors-  Detect Any Leaks That May Occur While You’re Away
  • Smart Door Locks- Lock & Unlock Your Door if Needed
  • Smart Thermostats- Allow Temperature Control (Keep Energy Bills Down)
  • Light Modules- Turn Your Lights On/Off on a Schedule (Make Intruders Think You’re Still Home)
  • Garage Door Controllers- In Case You Need to Let Someone Have Access to Your Garage (Or if You Forget To Close)

Once you have your house protected with a security system and the devices around your home under your control, wireless security cameras will give you the ability to look-in inside and outside your home at all times. Then you can check in whenever you feel that itch. Just open your app, select a video camera feed and take a peek. You can also quickly scan the status of your locks, smart thermostat, system arming status, lights and garage door. 

If you prefer to keep check-ins to a minimum, it’s easy to set up alerts customized to your preferences. Give your house-sitter a personalized keyless access code, and you can have an alert appear whenever he or she shows up and leaves, or only if they don’t show at all. You can even create video alerts associated with your smart lock to visually verify who’s visiting. 

So, while you are enjoying the beach, visiting distant relatives or anywhere else your vacation may take you, these simple devices allow you to easily watch over your home or business.  This ensures the relaxing, worry free vacation that you deserve.

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A basic monitored alarm system via cellular communication is a great start when it comes to protecting your home or business.