Security Trends for Your Home and Business

Which ones might be right for you?

Biometric Technology for Large or Small Businesses

Is your physical security at risk for breaches or has your risk profile shifted? Do you need to restrict access in ways you never had to before? Perhaps biometrics is right for your facility. You can add a higher level of authentication by requiring occupants to present their hand, fingerprints, face or eyes to gain entry into a bilding, storage room or piece of equipment.

Specify with Purpose

Security risks morph over time, requiring that you stay on top of threats your facility could experience.  Consider what goal or objective a biometric credential will satisfy for your building. Deploying this technology can improve security in numerous ways:

  • Fingerprint & Facial Recognition, Saas & more

  • Eliminate ID cards & pin numbers

  • Speed workflow, become more efficient & profitable

  • Reduce errors

  • Increase customer activity

  • Prevent unauthorized use or access